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Alexander COBB Underwear: Yin Yang Collection. Dorian Model






La firma danesa de ropa interior para el hombre Alexander COBB, presenta su nueva colección basada en los concepto del taoísmo japonés, el yin y el yang. Con el atractivo de este seductor modelo llamado Dorian. Ropa interior con la calidad y el magnífico diseño de esta fantástica colección. Dorian por Alexander COBB.

You will feel this collection best on your skin because Alexander COBB® underwear is your second skin. Perfect combination of materials, cotton and elastin, contemporary cuts, and no repetitive samples in limited editions. The design of the underwear and its prints is signed by the Scandinavian designer who holds many awards in his field, and prints are created especially for this occasion. In the middle of the print story is a koi fish and a tattoo sample, with a large array of colors, from bluish-purplish, through reddish-orange tones, with elements of black on the white surface. Koi comes from a Japanese word which means carp. When you take a closer look, the koi fish look like small carps. Koi is a homophone for affection or love, and it represents a symbol of love and friendship in Japan, but overall, it demonstrates happiness and good fortune. The message of the collection is love, friendship, and happiness, and the vibration of colors completes a global vision. Each color represents different elements, so does each model, depending on the color that prevails on a model and direction in which the koi fish swim, it has a different meaning and carries a different name.

It is special that Alexander COBB® shows koi fish through the art of tattoo. The koi tattoos belong to the most beautiful, most intriguing, and the boldest tattoos, and metaphorically speaking the Alexander COBB® underwear are tattoos for your skin.
According to Japanese legend, if a koi fish successfully passes the Dragon Gate Waterfalls on the Yellow River, it will turn into a dragon. With that said, it symbolizes strength and courage to reach for higher goals, overcoming all the obstacles. The koi tattoo’s goal is to achieve harmony between a person and its surroundings; therefore prints of motives of the koi tattoo on the Alexander COBB® underwear want to unify such an intimate clothing piece with your body, but with your personality as well.

The collection is completed with one-color underwear, in classical variations without much color intervention, or in combination with bordered finish and seam of another color, to add dynamic to models. The colors are black and white, classical and timeless, as well as warm yellow, bright and sunny, and blue that portrays men’s principles.
Each pair of Alexander COBB® underwear tells its own story, letting your individuality to show. Sexy, crazy, yet, classical and timeless. Depending on your habits, you could choose from a cut and model that fits your body shape and in which you feel the best.



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