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The Boys Of Bridgend: 2015 Naked Charity Calendar. Russell Hughes Photos







Por una buena causa hay que hacer lo que sea. Desnudarse si es necesario y, sobre todo, comprar este magnífico calendario para ayudar a la curación del cáncer de próstata y de testículos de la fundación inglesa Everyman Appeal, con estos doce atractivos hombres que ofrecen su desnudo desinteresado para estos doce meses del próximo año 2015. Fotos promocionales en un espléndido calendario realizado por el gran fotógrafo galés ( Reino Unido) Russell Hugues. The Boys Of Bridgend, en este calendario que se puede adquirir a un precio muy asequible y ayudar a la prevención de esas enfermedades que nos pueden afectar a todos: The Boys Of Bridgend. Un magnífico calendario para doce meses muy solidarios.

The Boys of Bridgend calendar was created to raise funds and awareness for the Everyman Appeal, an organisation that researches into male specific cancers such as prostate and testicular cancer.12 brave guys from Bridgend, South Wales have bared all to feature in this 13 page, 12 month calendar, which has been put together by Russell Hughes Photography, in the hopes of hitting a target of £10,000 for the Everyman Appeal.

Every calendar sold will make a huge difference to the lives of so many men. Prostate cancer is the number one most common cancer in men in the UK, while testicular cancer affects more men aged 25-49 than any other. Purchasing a Boys of Bridgend calendar will help to make sure that the Institute of Cancer Research continues to be funded to help develop cures for these, and many other cancers that affect so many people.

We are currently taking pre-orders for the calendar, which officially goes on sale from September 1st. All order placed before that date will be shipped no later than September 1st with an estimated delivery time of 3-4 working days.

The Boys Of Bridgend 2015 Naked Charity Calendar: The Boys Of Bridgend







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