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Lucas François: The Interview. Scott Clare Photos

Hay modelos con un atractivo tan especial, con tanto glamour, que son auténticos galanes que deslumbran. Es el caso de este apuesto modelo australiano llamado Lucas François, que ha sido tan amable de dedicarnos esta entrevista en exclusiva. Con fascinantes imágenes de Scott Clare, el atractivo irresistible de Lucas François de la agencia Crew Models International,en esta interesante entrevista, que esperamos os guste tanto como a nosotros.



-How did you begin as a professional model?
I began as a model here in Sydney, posing a student photographer. Shortly thereafter I was hired to model for photographer Adrian Wong. With enough photos I created an online portfolio and presence at Facebook. Modeling agent Lamont Pinckney of Crew Models International (CMI), saw my photos then messaged if I was interested in working with him and signing with CMI for representation. I accepted his offer and am now a very happy and motivated CMI model.

-What attracts you to the world of fashion and fitness?
I feel modeling comes naturally for me. You have to have a good body, face, be focused in action and photogenic. It’s still a new experience with many challenges to improve and master, but I admit I like the attention from women and the public.

-How many hours a week do you spend caring for your health and physique?
I spend 3-4 days per week training, working on different body parts each day. I also play rugby, run, but I give between 8-12 hours of consistent gym work per week.

-What part of your physique satisfies you most?
I ammost satified with my back and shoulders progress, they respond very quickly to workouts. However, I want to gain more definition in my abs, but in general I think I would like to have full muscularity all over.

-Do you think you are best suitable as a fitness or fashion model? Or perhaps both styles?
I think I’m best suitable as fashion model. Of course I am not a body builder. Modeling fashion, accessories and designs best fits my look. Success is recognizing and using strengths to your advantage. As you can see from the photos here, taken by the very talented photographer Scott Clare fashion works well for me. These images were taken at his home in Sydney Australia.


-What model(s) in fashion or fitness inspires you most?
I am not a fan of any one supermodel, but I would like to become a top model for major brands and eventually model for international major campaigns as the supermodels do.

-What photographer(s) do you or would you like one day to want to work with?
Essentially, I am still builing my portfolio, developing my craft, gaining experience and establishing influential contacts. Here in Sydney I have so far worked with Rudi Yap, Paul Smollen and Scott Clare. I also plan to work with Ian Horncastle and Edmund Edwards. These are all exceptional photographers and I am grateful for their interest in capturing me. With each shoot I learn something new to add to my modeling skill set.

-In your professional resume you mention that you are interested in acting. What is your ambition, desire or experience for acting?
Yes, I would like to one one day pursue acting. I guess once modeling has had its run I will begin acting classes, do background assignments, commercials, then do movies. But I would like to begin small and slowly build toward a lasting career in the industry..


-What movie star do you follow as a fan or feel most influences your ambition?
I like Jason Statham films. I really like his action movies. He has a commanding presence and his films have a sense of humanity in them, in addition to having great martial arts sequences. His work is just great entertainment.
-What is your greatest passion?
I am so fortunate to love my work. My greatest passion is landscaping. Its been my job for 5 years now. I love plants, working with gardens and taking care of lawns. Essentially this is the nuturing part of me. I like bringing things to life and helping them grow.

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