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Geannys: Sexy & Hot Cuban Model. Kevin Slack Fotos

Si algo amamos Kevin Slack y yo, es Cuba. Su cultura, su belleza, sus gentes, su forma de entender la vida y, por supuesto, sus hombres. Kevin Slack, es un fotógrafo canadiense buen amigo de “Burbujas De Deseo” que siempre tiene tiempo para dedicarnos sus palabras y mostrarnos  sus fascinantes trabajos. Hace ya meses, le hicimos una estupenda entrevista y sus fotos, son de lo más visto en esta web. Ahora, nos vuelve a sorprender gratamente. Con este espectacular y formidable Geannys. Un fornido Adonis cubano con una sensualidad y un erotismo que no necesitan palabras. Cuba es el paraíso y en el, Kevin Slack, se refugia cada vez que puede. No es de extrañar que Cuba y sus hombre -como Geannys- nos provoque tantos sentimientos: deseo, pasión, morbo, erotismo. Por supuesto, con las magníficas fotos de este magnífico fotógrafo canadiense que es Kevin Slack. Con Geannys, nos sentimos reconfortados y vivos. Como él. Un apasionante joven que demuestra toda la vitalidad de la juventud cubana. Pero mejor, conozcamos a Geannys -un músico y entrenador personal que espera triunfar en el mundo de la moda-  en palabras del propio Kevin Slack. Aunque esté en inglés, supongo que mucho entenderán el sentido de dichas palabras. Kevin, nos introduce a Geannys:

Geannys took a little work and a little time.  When I first spotted him, I chased him down the back streets of Old Havana.  And when I first asked him to model, he said no.  Within a few hours he had changed his mind.  He knew Lazaro, a friend and model I had worked with at Jardines de La Polar and Playa del Chivo.  However, on that occasion, Geannys and I never found the time to get together.  And so, as so often happens, I had to wait, we had to wait, until I got back to Havana.
And when I got back, Geannys wanted to meet and talk about what we were going to do for our shoot.  I almost always meet and talk with my models about ideas and what we can expect from each other.  But with Geannys it felt like an interview.  But after chasing him in the street, after waiting months to get back to Cuba, after our discussion, when it was finally time to get to it, Geannys, like a horse let out of the barn, was a wild one. How far he was willing to go even surprised me.
A perfect Scorpio, Geannys is a devilish and passionate flirt.  And when I asked him, “seduce me,” he was ready to seduce me immediately and thoroughly, telling me stories, between shots, in English and in Spanish, to offer up proof of his diabolic and untamed nature. It didn’t matter if they were true or not; although I expect his stories were true.  I had to stop more than a few times to catch my breath and to keep Geannys in – almost in – his pants.
A musician and a personal trainer, Geannys enjoyed his first time modeling. But perhaps not quite as much as I did. And while I might like to keep this brazen stallion to myself, Geannys is motivated to take modeling out of Cuba.

Thanks a lot, my friend, Kevin Slack!!!!

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