Burbujas de Deseo

La Rancha Luna, Cienfuegos, Cuba. El Erotismo De Kevin Slack

Viajar al Cuba con el gran fotógrafo canadiense Kevin Slack, es todo un placer visual. Encontrar el erotismo de sus hombres, las maravillosas imágenes, el calor y ardiente erotismo de sus fotografías hace que uno, se sienta cerca de ese apasionante país. Kevin Slack nos traslada en esta ocasión, a un “Beach Resort” o Balneario situado a las afueras de la ciudad Cienfuegos: La Rancha Luna. Allí, Kevin Slack, dejo que su cámara fotográfica sedujera a Orly, a Jean Miguel, a Alejandro. Y junto a ellos, se acercó y nos acercó al paraísco más seductor. A la belleza y la pasión del hombre cubano. Con sus magníficas imágenes de esta seductora y erótica “La Rancha Luna” Con fotos en exclusiva para “Burbujas De Deseo”. Pero nadie mejor que él -aunque está en inglés, creo que no es difícil entenderlo o traducirlo- explica mejor que nadie y en primera persona su bella y erótica experiencia en “La Rancha Luna” Kevin Slack, gracias, otra vez. Eres una excelente persona, un buen amigo y un maravilloso fotógrafo. Gracias por mostrarnos esa Cuba intensa, ardiente y bella.

Shooting in Cuba, especially outside of Havana, is a great and exhilarating and addictive alchemy.  There is so much intention of course, and so much chance too. And in the end, as with most travel experiences, you walk away with where chance and intention intersect. It’s a process that I am sure I will never tire of. It’s also a great thing to get out of Havana, to hit the road, and to spend time with friends, and so this time we set off for Cienfuegos. Orly lights up when we get the keys to the rented car. Before we’re out of Havana, he’s blasting Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga from the car stereo and, just out of the city limits, he speeds off – I don’t know anybody who drives as fast as Orly – to Cienfuegos to meet up with my friend, Reinaldo.

Cienfuegos is beautiful and charming and clean. The Malecon, the boardwalk, is a postcard-perfect marvel. That first night we went out to a club where we met Jean Miguel. And the next morning Jean Miguel introduced me to a friend of his, Alejandro. And so we set off to a beach resort just outside of Cienfuegos: La Rancha Luna. At first, we weren’t as alone in that beautiful wide-open country as I would have liked. There were herding goats and wandering chickens as well as a few farmers and fishermen. But when I got to work and when I forgot about our stray audience, they disappeared. Orly, not only my favorite chauffeur, is also my favorite instigator. I can always count on him to get things going: he was posing under a tree with my friend Reinaldo before we were even set up.

By the time we moved to the beach, Orly switched to Alejandro. Alejandro beguiles me, beguiled my camera.  He looks at first like rough trade – someone you wouldn’t want to meet at night in the streets – but he softens immediately to me, to the boys, to the experience. He explains that for school he had to burn off some of his many tattoos including the one on his left shoulder. And there is so much expression and soul in his face, in his eyes. Orly calms Alejandro down too and then turns him on. And, of course, Orly is the first to get naked. He loves speed. And he loves getting naked. The others quickly take Orly’s lead. Alejandro was eager to show me where he had had a pearl surgically inserted under the skin of cock shaft. I had read about Cuban sailors doing that but I had never seen it.

And by the time we had finished, by the time chance and intention had intersected and passed, everyone was good friends and Alejandro made me promise to come back to Cienfuegos and see him again.

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El muchacho que me encanta mas sobre todos es Alejandro, el de los tatuajes y el sombrero. Quisiera verlo mas en Kevin Slack!


Muy bueno el material aunque en Cuba se encuentran cosas mucho mejores que esos cuatro pingueros de Cienfuegos. Bueno, a lo que iba, no es La Rancha Luna, lo correcto es Rancho Luna, bonita playa en las afueras de la ciudad de Cienfuegos

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