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Modus Vivendi Underwear: Pride Line. Adam Phillips & Alex Cannon







Sin duda, uno de los grandes proyectos fotográficos y de moda para el hombre para el 2015. Nada menos que diez magníficos fotógrafos compondrán durante estos meses, el nuevo proyecto de una de las mejores firmas de moda para el hombre: la prestigiosa firma griega Modus Vivendi. Diez magníficos fotógrafos ( Gavin Harrison, Tom Cullis, Nikos Papadopoulos, Joan Crisol, Lionel Andre, Adrian C. Martin, Andres Ramirez, Matthew Allatsianos, Kevin Slack y Nick Gogas) serán los encargados de presentar esta explosión de sensualidad y moda, en este extenso y fastuoso proyecto, con las fantásticas líneas y colecciones de moda de Modus Vivendi. Calidad, diseño, innovación y comodidad. En esta primera entrega, la línea “Pride Line” con dos esculturales y atractivos modelos: Adam Phillips y Alex Cannon, en un excelente trabajo del inglés Gavin Harrison. “Pride Line” con Modus Vivendi, Gavin Harrison y los modelos Adam Phillips y Alex Cannon. No se puede pedir más…

Modus Vivendi has gone all out for its 2015 campaign and will be presenting its new collection in a huge 10-part series that literally spans the globe. This challenging new project takes the form of highly individual images presented by 10 amazingly talented photographers working in different parts of the world, each of whom has been chosen for his unique photographic style and unique ability to interpret and present Modus Vivendi’s inimitable style.
Each of the different lines from the new collection has been sent to one specific photographer, with a remit to illustrate the new designs in his own particular style. The original idea came from Christos Bibitsos, the designer and creator of every piece of Modus Vivendi clothing. Out of hundreds of photographers gifted in the portrayal of the male form, we chose 10 very talented artists, all of whom welcomed the project enthusiastically. And the results speak for themselves. Highly individual, stylish and powerful, these images are going to excite.
Our first stop is Leicester, England. The line presented is Modus Vivendi’s new Pride Line and the photographer who created these colour-intense images is Gavin Harrison. ‘Knowing Modus Vivendi produce top quality products, I knew I could focus all my efforts on creating sexy shots of the two great models Adam & Alex. I decided to keep the images simple but strong, taking the theme of colour from the collection as my inspiration’, said Harrison.
This underwear line is indeed all about colour, testing in a way the classic black and white Modus Vivendi approach and bringing vibrant colour combinations into the 2015 collection. The Pride line comprises briefs, boxers and tank tops, all of which feature contrasting tones of pink and grey, blue and red, green and black, yellow and purple. Dynamic and athletic, this underwear offers superior comfort and a modern look using classic cuts, soft cotton covered waistbands, extra-soft high quality fabrics, and discreet logos. In a word, this is sporty, happy underwear at its best!














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joire sanchez

amores bellos y masculinos yo les sugiero que tanbien se muestren con tanga se verian mucho mas sexis y ricos ,asi como la foto de eric leto,en tanga esta pero para un imfarto

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