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Modus Vivendi Underwear: Wolf Line. Nick Gogas Photos






Muchas y muy buenas sorpresas nos va a dar una de las firmas de mayor calidad y mejor diseño del panorama actual de moda para el hombre: Modus Vivendi. La firma griega, nos presenta su nueva línea para presentarnos el mejor 2015 posible. Tras las colecciones “Pride Line” ( en imágenes de Gavin Harrison) y “Military” ( por el fotógrafo Tom Cullis) llega el turno ahora al fotógrafo griego Nick Gogas y al atractivo modelo Christos Artemiou con la línea “Wolf” Con la calidad y el siempre impactante diseño de Modus Vivendi, “Wolf Line” para calentar el invierno con sabor a café muy caliente.

Modus Vivendi proudly presents the third part of its spectacular 2015 campaign in which its latest collection is presented by 10 of the most individual, visionary photographers working around the globe today.
After visiting Leicester for Gavin Harrison’s shoot of the new Pride line and crossing the Atlantic all the way to sunny California, where Tom Cullis gave us some unforgettable images of the Military line, our next stop in Modus Vivendi’s 2015 style campaign is Thessaloniki, Greece, the home of the brand itself.
Using his imagination as his only weapon and the Wolf Line as his inspiration, Greek photographer Nick Gogas was unleashed to present this new line in his own inimitable way. The results, we think, are amazing.
The Wolf line is masculine, contemporary and with a certain sense of fun. And this is precisely the spirit which our Greek photographer captures in his work, presenting the line in a straightforward yet visually striking fashion.
The charismatic model chosen by Nick Gogas is Christos Artemiou. Dark and moody, Christos oozes quiet energy and confident style.
Winter is coming. The Wolf line is here. Stylish, in subtle tones of dark blue and grey. Warm to wear, in fabrics of the highest Italian quality. And unmistakably Modus Vivendi (with all the detailing the brand is famous for), the Wolf line delivers on promise: strong, imposing, fascinating.





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