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Andrew Corbin, Jose Ruiz, Shayan Shahab: Best Men Underwear Project







Best-Men-Underwear-Arthus&Nico-Burbujas-De-Deseo-06Andrew Corbin, Jose Ruiz, Shayan Shahab y el propio Arthus – de Arthus & Nico: los famosos blogueros franceses- son los protagonistas de este sensacional projecto para presentar la mejor ropa interior para hombres. Una revista bajo el título de Best Men Underwear, lanzan este magnífico primer número con la sensualidad y el erotismo de estos extraordinarios modelos: Andrew Corbin, Jose Ruiz, Shayan Shahab -sin olvidar a Arthus. Con fotos de Jorge Freire y Abel Cruz para PhotoStudioMiami. Un excepcional trabajo con este Best Men Underwear Project que ellos definen de esta forma:

The Men Underwear market is still one of the few growing markets within the textile industry.Yet, it is still very small compared to the women side, and quite different. You won’t find any male version of Victoria’s Secret representing most of the market but instead a multitude of boutique brands. This is a very competitive industry, mainly online and very global. Each part of the world has its big brands trying to take over the world: Andrew Christian from the US, ES Collection from Spain, Aussiebum from Australia, etc. Each year, many new entrepreneurs/designers try to be in the spotlight. This magazine intends to help you decide which brands to look at and follow. From the Essentials, available at any department stores, to the Most Unique available in early-adopters stores, and of course all the Trendiest brands of the season. You will find underwear brands from anywhere here: North and South America, Asia, Europe and Australia. They are worn by our sexy models Jose, Andrew and Shayan and photographed by the amazing Jorge Freire. From this lovely house in Florida, follow us into this men underwear world tour.

Thanks, Arthus & Nico!

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