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Alexander Cobb Swimwear 2015. Marco Model







La firma danesa Alexander Cobb, nos presenta nuevas propuestas para este verano 215, con la sugerente y viril imagen de Marco. Un apuesto y sensual modelo que nos seduce con esta colección en moda baño. Con la calidad y el excelente diseño de esta firma que triunfa en toda Europa con sus atractivas propuestas. Belleza y moda con Marco y Alexander Cobb.

With a motto “There is always sun somewhere,” the Alexander COBB® was introduced to his audience for the second time with his collection of men’s swimwear in two variations: slip / trunks and boxers, following world’s trends and targeting men aware of their bodies that like movement and enjoy water sports and recreational activities.

The top material quality of the leading European manufacturer is a good enough reason to decide to purchase any of the given models. Stay with monochrome models or reach out for some bolder colors – gray, blue, red, purple, silver, golden tones… Choose a string of the same color as the basic material or play with other models that are more vibrant holding decorative strings.

They are easy to dry, hold well, and its cut allows sport movements, speed in water, as well as in dry weather. The materials consists of ultraviolet protected factor 50 +(UPF 50+) which shows that they block 97.5% of ultraviolet sun rays, outstanding endurance for high temperatures, steadiness in color and quality, and resistance to sand and peeling.