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Garçon Model Underwear: Elite Sport. Marco Ovando Photos







Fiesta y mucha diversión con los atractivos modelos Jake Bass, Daniel Stilla, Greg Kelley, Kevin Danielczyk y Peter Ward, en este magnífico trabajo del fotógrafo y artista Marco Ovando. Una sugerente, divertida e innovadora forma de presentar la nueva y atractiva colección de ropa interior deportiva, de la magnífica firma de moda para el hombre canadiense, Garçon Model Underwear, con su atractiva Elite Sport Collection. Con el magnífico diseño y la calidad de esta fantástica firma de Vancouver ( con web en español) en esta sensual y sugerente presentación, de su colección de ropa interior, para disfrutar de un invierno con mucho deporte. Comodidad y con un innovado y sugerente diseño para esta magnífica colección. Un invierno muy cálido, juvenil y divertido con Garçon Model Underwear y esta brillante Elite Sport Collection.

This new collection keeps the fashion forward athlete in mind, balancing function and flare with a new waistband, a sharp sporty look, and contrasting colours.”We edited down to the essentials, then added a hint of athletic accents and modern colors thatwork in and out of the gym.” – Garçon Model.The Elite Sport is made of eco-friendly bamboo fabric that is ultra-soft, lightweight and extremely breathable. Bamboo is also the ideal fabric for underwear because it naturally deodorizes, and is extremely durable. So whether you’re heading to the gym or just out and about, this will become your staple underwear.
Once again, Garçon Model was able to create an instant classic collection sure to please all men looking for a looking for a modern versatile look. Garçon Model has quickly positioned itself as one of the most well respected and exciting men’s underwear brands. Make sure to check them out at Garçon Model Underwear

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