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Es Collection Swimwear 2013 Campaign: “Your Ticket For Summer Paradise” Video





Tras la estupenda campaña “El Hierro” en imágenes, de moda baño para el hombre de la prestigiosa firma española Es Collection, llega ahora este fantástico video “Your Ticket for Summer Paradise” Un paraíso al que podemos acceder con la más internacional de nuestras firmas de moda para el hombre. Prestigio y calidad con Es Collection para este verano 2013. 

Según la nota de prensa de la propia firma -en inglés: “With the 2013 campaign baptized “El Hierro” the brand presents a swimwear collection produced entirely in Spain (as all ES collection products) with first quality materials, unique design and fluor colors. In a few words, a collection unsuitable for shy people. It also incorporates its two worldwide patents, the solar tattoo and the Pack-up system in several of its models.”In my opinion, the word that better describes this wonderful collection is AWESOME, with no doubt the best one by far”, says Eduardo Suñer, ES collection Product Manager.”The result of combining the “Mars style” landscapes with stunning models and colourful designs probably made this campaign the best ever so far” says Joan Crisol, official photographer of the firm”