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The Essence Of Tony Ward. Homme Style Magazine

Mito erótico de las décadas 80/90, Tony Ward, en este fantástico reportaje con su “esencia” para la revista Homme Style Magazine, con fotos de Petrovsky & Ramone. ” The Essence of Tony Ward” con un magnífico texto -en inglés- que repasa la figura de este seductor modelo icono de belleza y virilidad, por el escritor Akmal Shaukat :

Anthony Borden Ward was born in Santa Cruz, California, a mecca for hippies and alternative thinkers. He eventually moved to Hollywood in search of fame and fortune. He was failing out of college when he was scouted by a modelling agency. Although he felt he was ugly the scout saw in Ward’s muscle bound physique and profile which is equal parts gladiator and Renaissance portrait the makings of a modelling superstar. Photos of Ward were duly dispatched to photographers and art directors including the legendary photographer Bruce Weber who shot Tony in his briefs. Later a friend of Ward’s bamboozled Herb Ritts into using Tony for his first coffee table book. A cavalcade of photography big shots followed from Hollywood hot shot Greg Gorman to art world darling Jack Pierson, all became enamoured-slash-obsessed with Ward’s sexiness. Gay gossips spread rumours that Ward slept with more than one of his photographers but Ward’s romantic life really exploded onto front pages when he became romantically involved with the most famous woman alive: Madonna. The queen of Pop used Tony in her videos like Justify My Love and Erotica but it was his part in her scandalous Sex Book that really drove Ward’s fans wild. Shot by fashion’s most in-demand photographer Steven Meisel, the Sex Book left very little to the imagination and fed the frenzy of Madonna (and Ward’s) fame.

Post-Madonna, Ward continued to raise eyebrows and pulse rates by appearing in films like Bruce La Bruce’s saga of a gay prostitute Hustler White. The film, which featured Ward performing some hands-on sexual hijinks with other men hasn’t done much to squelch the gay or bi sexual rumours that have kept gay fans obsessing over Ward for over two decades.

Throughout it all he’s been an in-demand model seeming to get sexier as he gets older. In a business where two seasons of notoriety are considered a healthy career Ward has broken all records of longevity. And he hasn’t lost his enjoyment of taking his clothes off. Something that keeps his fans around the world very, very happy.

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Sporting Gods: Danny Beauchamp-Patrick O’Donnell. Homme Style

En plena fiebre olímpica, la poderosa y atlética belleza de Danny Beauchamp y Patrick O’Donnell, en este magnífico editorial firmado por el fotógrafo Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca, para la revista Homme Style Magazine. Deporte y sensualidad con los físicos esculturales de estos dos magníficos modelos.